Ask a Mobile Mechanic: What are the Common Car Myths?

When we are over age 18, many of us want to have a car and learn how to drive. But, not all know how a car works. That is why there is a lot of myths circulating about cars. Well, for starters, these myths can cost you more and may lead you to danger. Find out what myths we are talking about and its truth.

1. Driving with windows down increases drag.
This has been the most common myth for car drivers. They believe that driving a car with windows down increases its speed. But, it is just because of the air’s sound that makes it feel like the car is on top speed and it decreases fuel economy. However, there are tests that prove car running with air condition has a more reduced fuel economy. Thus, the only truth in this myth is the economic benefit of fuel economy. Enjoy driving with the air breeze.

2. Idle car before driving.
Most drivers suggest idling the car before driving for it to warm up. However, there is no benefit from warming up the car before driving. In fact, some parts of the car only heat up while moving. Thus, the most efficient method to warm up the car’s engine is to drive around. Well, stop associating your body to a car that is another theory to go over.

3. Cars are now computerized, only professionals can service them.
Yes, we will really advise you to go to a professional mobile mechanic when something unusual comes off. But, it is not wrong to do some basic checks on your car first. It is actually good to self-monitor your car to avoid excess costs. You can check the fluid levels, belts, hoses, tires, lights, and wipers. Also, make sure your car is running smoothly as you take it to the shop.

4. Manual cars are more efficient in fuel consumption than automatic cars.
We cannot deny, the most spread myth is believing manual cars are more efficient than automatic cars. Well, before, manual cars were more fuel-efficient. But, with the recent advances in engineering and technology, everything has changed. Automatic cars are now computerized, which makes them more fuel-efficient than manual transmissions.

Moreover, there are automatic transmission cars that have overdrive top gears which makes its engine RPM lower reducing fuel consumption. Even though the myth is proven wrong, there are still old manual transmission cars in the market that are more fuel-efficient.

5. Get a premium gas to make your car have an excellent performance.
If you keep on believing in this myth, it will really cost you more. It is wrong to say performance fuel can make the car perform better. This is only true if you have a high-performance vehicle that needs premium gas. Premium gas is a fuel-grade formula made for high-performance and luxury vehicles. Thus, a premium gas on a regular car will have no impact on the car’s performance.