A New Airbag That Can Save Lives

It saddens the community to know that the number of vehicle fatalities is still high. A number of these cases appear that most of the casualties were not wearing seatbelts. When in fact, the only defense for the drivers and passengers are the seatbelt and airbag.

We cannot deny how helpful these airbags are in saving lives. Before, airbags were only introduced on steering wheels and dashboard. But, as technology advances, there are airbags that come off from the sides or seats. Thus, today, most cars have six to eight airbags.

Statistics have shown that airbags decreases the vehicular death risk for about 30 percent. However, people are not concerned on the number of airbags inside a car. The drivers and passengers are more concern of the design. Airbags have a violent impact on the passenger instead of hitting like a soft pillow.

Fortunately, someone is listening to the sentiments. The Autoliv airbag resembles a mitt when inflated. It has three separate compartments that properly holds the passenger’s head. It provides ease and comfort in catching the head during an impact.